Auction Dwarfs for 2018 

Charlie Wright
​Marten Sable doe
Nigel Atkinson
​S/Sable buck
Trevor Hoole
Chin buck
Saxony Stud
Agouti buck
Selina Groves
​Choc otter doe and blk otter buck (choc bred) to go as a pair. Doe 16 x Buck 17x
George Moss
Black buck

Selina Groves
​Choc self doe 16x Blk self buck 17 bred choc/lilac carrier Blk self doe 17 bred choc/lilac bred.
George Moss
Trio of Otters

buck 10 months 
doe 5 months 
doe 6 months 

Joe Rogers
Choc bred Black Otter buck

Georgina Nicholls
Pair of BEWs

Eales Stud
Blac buck

Eales Stud
Marten Smoke buck​

Barry Taylor
3 does all under 5. Chin, black and fox.

Pendle stud
black otter buck

Geoff Wells
lilac buck ( buyer gets option to buy 2 lilac does)

Annalee Stud 
White Buck 18 months

M/Smoke buck 5 months old
Haydonn Wines
Blue otter proven Doe from 
Bred from T Halfpenny and G&D Hodson lines.
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