UK Lapel Badge £3.00

UK Coat Badge £4.00

Championship £2.00
Overseas Lapel Badge £5.00

Overseas Coat Badge £6.00
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Specially commissioned
hanging basket brackets

Powder coated so will not rust

We are currently making enquiries for overseas postage costs.

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Embroidered Aprons
by Helen Gardner

The Aprons come in the following colours: Black, Bottle Green, Burgundy, Navy, Red, Royal Blue , Pink, Purple, Orange, White

Once you have placed your order, please contact Helen for your requirements.

We are charging £16.00 each through Paypal to cover admin fees, or if you wish to pay in person £15.00 each.​

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They hang on the cage front, the heat from a 40 watt coloured bulb gives out enough heat to keep youngsters alive that get pulled from the nest.

Price is £23 via Paypal to cover admin fees, 
​or if you wish to pay in person £22 each.

We can offer a postage service. The cost will be £29 each.

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Metal Dwarf Profile
New addition, Unique Dwarf profiles in Black or White, complete with mounting holes to attach to your shed door, gates, carrying boxes etc. 190mm x 190mm.

These profiles are used on the hanging basket brackets.

We are charging £10.00 each posted,
or if you wish to buy from us in person £7.00 each.

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Clothing range
Club colours only, dark blue with gold logo.

​​Woolly hat £8
​Baseball cap £8
​Baseball cap £10 - posted
​​Woolly hat £10 - posted
​​T shirt £10
Polo shirt £12.50
​​T shirt £12 - posted
​​Polo shirt £14.50 - posted
Hoodie £20
Hoodie photo
to come
Hoodie £24 - posted
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Grooming Bag


£15.00 - posted
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Show Towel


£8.50 - posted
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Full page Advert £10.00

Half page Advert £5.00

Trade Advert £16.00
Yearbook Advert
Details of the advert including full or half page should be sent to Simon Beynon.

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